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Liis Preem "Design and characterization of antibacterial electrospun drug delivery systems for wound infections"

Laura Viidik "3D printing in pharmaceutics: a new avenue for fabricating therapeutic drug delivery systems"


Kristian Semjonov "Development of pharmaceutical quench-cooled molten and melt-electrospun solid dispersions for poorly water-soluble indomethacin"


Mirja Palo "Design and development of personalized dosage forms by printing technology"


Anna Klugman "Functionality related characterization of pretreated wood lignin, cellulose and polyvinylpyrrolidone for pharmaceutical applications"

Andres Lust "Water mediated solid state transformations of a polymorphic drug - effect on pharmaceutical product performance"


Jana Lass "Epidemiological and clinical aspects of medicines use in children in Estonia"


Ivo Laidmäe "Fibrin glue of tish (Salmon Salar) origin: immunological study and development of new phramaceutical preparation"


Daisy Volmer "The development of community pharmacy services in Estonia -public and professional perceptions 1993-2006"


Karin Kogermann "Understanding solid-state transformations during dehydration: new insights using vibrational spectroscopy and multivariate modeling"


Katrin Pudersell "Tropane alcaloid production and riboflavine excretion in the field and tissue cultures of henbane (Hyoscyamus niger L.)"


Ade Kallas "Characterization of antibodies to coagulation factor VIII"


Eve-Irene Lepist Oral peptide prodrugs studies on stability and absorption

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Dr. Jens K. Habermann peab avaliku loengu „Advancing Research through Biobanking in Europe and beyond – from community engagement to cross-country collaborations“

14. novembril kell 9.00 peab A. Linkbergi auditooriumis (Puusepa 8) avaliku loengu Euroopa biopankade tsentraalse infrastruktuuri BBMRI-ERIC peadirektor professor Dr Jens Habermann.

Andres Meos

Andres Meos

Andres Meos

Andres Meos