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On 10 April at 16:00 the rector candidates will meet with the Faculty of Medicine.
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University of Tartu’s Institute of Pharmacy received a grant of 168 000 euros which will be used to research creating new 3D-printed medicine forms from Estonian and Ukrainian medicinal plants.
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As part of Brain Awareness week, visitors of all ages are welcomed to an evening of science at Biomeedikum on Friday, 17th March.
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Vabariigi aastapäeva eel kuulutas Tartu Ülikooli rektor Toomas Asser välja ülikooli 2022. aasta teadusteo, milleks on laste haiglahirmu vähendavad hologrammid.

Institute of Pharmacy

The Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Tartu is the only institution in Estonia providing higher education and training for pharmacists. The mission of the Institute is to advance the pharmaceutical sciences by conducting a high-standard research work and research-based education of MSc(Pharm) and PhD(Pharm) students. The students in Pharmacy will get unique competencies that no other specialist has. The teaching in the Institute of Pharmacy is focused on the properties of medicines, their development, preparation, storage, analysis and use.

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