Pharmacy is a subject focusing on the properties of medicines, the development, manufacture, storage, analysis and use of medicines (pharmaceuticals) and related economic and legal background.

The pharmacist is an expert in medicines, and high-quality pharmaceuticals are at the core of the pharmacist's curriculum. This is a unique competence - no other specialist has such training.

The pharmacist study program at the University of Tartu focuses on pharmaceutical preparations but is medicine-based.

Medical subjects, from anatomy to genetics, play a relatively large role here. The duration of studies is 5 years, and the graduate has the level of education corresponding to the master's level. In addition to the higher education diploma, the graduate also receives an invitation to enter the profession.

Learning takes place in the coursework system, because prior to the in-depth knowledge it is necessary to pass the prerequisite subjects and thus the curriculum must be completed in a certain order and in a certain volume.

Specialty subjects include, for example,

  • pharmaceutical technology,
  • pharmaceutical chemistry,
  • natural medicine,
  • social pharmacy, 
  • specialty terminology,
  • clinical pharmacy related subjects, etc. are also studied.

Research work, which lasts almost a semester and ends with public defense, is also a compulsory subject. The fifth-year pharmacy practice (both general pharmacy and hospital pharmacy) lasts 25 weeks.

Successful graduates of five years of study receive a Master Science in Pharmacy, MSc(Pharm) degree.

Graduates of pharmacists do not have to worry about finding a job. They work in general pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, drug manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical wholesale companies, but also in the State Agency of Medicines, University of Tartu, Tallinn Health Care College and others. It is also possible to continue doctoral studies in Pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu.

Continuing education program in Pharmacy is available only in Estonian language. Read more in Estonian.